• Learn french recipes during my holiday in paris

  • Most tourists miss the most important part of visiting Paris. To understand the culture requires an understanding of the cuisine. Le Foodist offers dessert making to wine-tasting courses and cooking class for individuals and small groups in Paris.

    Latin Quarter

    Cooking classes in Paris

    It is a unique experience to grow the palette under professional guidance. The teaching kitchen is situated near the Cardinal Lemoine Metro station on Rue Monge. Parisian locations do not get better than this, it is in the heart of the Latin quarter. An area of Paris is well known for Rue Mouffetard, a street bustling with fresh local produce and bars.

    Classic French Desserts

    Courses start at 9:30 am and last for three hours. By the end, each student comes away with the knowledge to make 4-classic French desserts. The lesson offers the chance to make a chocolate soufflé, a deliciously light cake on the outside and warm melted chocolate on the inside. The course is in English, teachers are very approachable and clear. At no point is a student left standing, hands deep in batter, wondering what they are going to do next.

    Make your Own Croissants in Paris

    Book this course well in advance, it is popular and for good reason. Croissants are quintessential French food. In some form, everyone has eaten a croissant, be it chocolate or raisin, but to make a real croissant takes guidance. This 3-hour course teaches variations on the plain croissant. Students learn the basics of the most important aspect, the dough. The course teaches preparation and the tricky art of folding the dough to achieve the perfect product.

    Bon Appetit

    Courses offered, are suitable for keen amateurs, and for tourists wishing to immerse themselves in the culture. There is no better way to understand a country, than being able to make the foods that define it.